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We are a leading company in providing comprehensive solutions in logistics, consulting, management and entrepreneurship with years of experience, we are positioned as a benchmark in the Latin American market, offering high quality services to our clients. Our commitment is to provide innovative and customized solutions that fuel the growth and success of our business partners.

Our sectors

A solution to their problems, new companies are coming to Guyana to work.


We are committed to working together with the government sector to achieve its objectives and guarantee the well-being of the population. Contact us for more information about our government logistics services.


Our services in the Security and Defense sector include consultancies for airspace control, supply of personal protection and armor products (for vehicles, aircraft and ships), solutions for vehicle access control to facilities, comprehensive security systems and traffic control, and integral systems of permanent surveillance.

Oil services

We offer specialized logistics services for the oil sector, adapted to the specific needs of each client. Our services include transportation, storage and distribution of petroleum products, as well as specialized consultancy in logistics for the sector.


At Tiich Group, we offer a wide range of specialized infrastructure services. We work closely with our clients to design, develop and execute high-quality infrastructure construction projects.


We are committed to offering efficient and sustainable energy solutions. Our services in the energy area range from strategic consulting to the implementation of energy projects.


We understand the importance of the agricultural sector and offer specialized services that contribute to its development and growth.

We are committed to supporting our clients in the agricultural sector, providing innovative solutions that boost productivity, sustainability and profitability.


The experience and business knowledge of the Tiich Group have allowed the establishment and growth of companies in Guyana. Open to exploring new opportunities in different industry sectors for mutual benefit. We are willing to form strategic partnerships to achieve a common vision, with many successful partnerships and joint ventures. Open to discuss with investors interested in starting businesses in Guyana or with parties interested in significant opportunities.

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