Ticch Group

We are a leading company in providing integral solutions in logistics, consulting, management and entrepreneurship with years of experience, we position ourselves as a benchmark in the Latin American market, offering high quality services to our clients. Our commitment is to provide innovative and customized solutions that fuel the growth and success of our business partners.

We focus

On providing electricity supply services for homes, businesses and other organizations. These companies may generate their own power from renewable or non-renewable sources, or they may purchase power from other companies and distribute it to their customers.

We have additional services such as the installation of solar panels or advice regarding energy efficiency, with the aim of helping our clients reduce their energy consumption and save on costs.

We are dedicated to the generation, distribution and sale of electrical energy, with the objective of providing reliable and efficient energy supply services to our clients.

Max Peña


Our CEO, Max Peña, is an experienced retired officer of the Colombian Air Force, holding a U.S. license. He is a specialist in military piloting and aeronautical manager, with a distinguished 31-year career focused on strategic impact generation, key business partner connections, and the successful positioning of companies in the economic, social, and environmental realm.

Currently, he is a board member of Aerocafé and a board advisor for the Aeronautics of Colombia. During his service in the Colombian Air Force (FAC), he held administrative and strategic leadership roles and stood out for his ability to lead the aerial strategy in the fight against COVID-19, demonstrating his commitment to the safety and well-being of society.

He played a crucial role in directing the reconstruction of the San Andrés and Providencia Archipelago after the devastating passage of Hurricane IOTA. His planned approach and skill in coordinating resources were fundamental elements in the effective recovery and restoration of the community.

Furthermore, Max served in key roles as an advisor in the Chief of Staff’s Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia. His expertise in making critical government decisions has substantially contributed to executive management at the highest level of the country.

His commitment to delivering results and effective positioning make him an exceptionally valuable leader, and he continues to solidify his status as an influential resource and a highly-recommended figure in the integrated logistics, consulting, management, and entrepreneurship industry.