We connect the private sector with Latin American governments to develop projects in the defense sector and assist governments in creating programs for national defense.

With our extensive experience in the defense sector, we offer the following services to our clients:

We work closely with the armed forces and government agencies to provide customized solutions that guarantee the security and effective defense of our clients.


Our services in the Security and Defense sector include consultancies for airspace control, supply of personal protection and armor products (for vehicles, aircraft and ships), solutions for vehicle access control to facilities, comprehensive security systems and traffic control, and integral systems of permanent surveillance. The Permanent Surveillance Systems offered by HOUDING, which provide advance reconnaissance at day and night, transparent control and full observation of the area, cover fixed sites and moving vehicles, reaching most of the locations visited by security forces.

On the other hand, we work in the Aeronautical Sector providing aircraft maintenance and modernization services, training and supply of operational and technical personnel, supply of aeronautical parts and components, and especially, we offer our Modular Support Program (PSM), designed to attend all logistics support needs for scheduled and unforeseen maintenance.

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